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Transfer of Swanlinbar GP patients to Ballyconnell is not the answer – Pauline Tully TD.
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Swanlinbar GP Service

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Swanlinbar GP Service

Patients of the GP service in Swanlinbar have been informed that they may be transferred to a three-day service in Ballyconnell. The HSE claimed that it has advertised for the position but has not been able to fill it, since the retirement of the GPs in the area at the end of 2020.


In the Dáil on Thursday Cavan-Monaghan Sinn Féin TD Pauline Tully raised the issue with Minister Butler voicing the need for the government to ensure a five-day GP service was retained for people in Swanlinbar and not increasing an already overcrowded GP service in Ballyconnell.


Teachta Tully said:

Swanlinbar GP Service - Pauline Tully


“It is not good enough to simply transfer all the patients from Swanlinbar GP service to an already overburdened service in Ballyconnell, and only offer them a reduced three-day service.


“This is not on. It is not the answer.


“Since the retirement of the GPs in the area at the end of 2020, there has been a rolling locum contract in place.


“The HSE has claimed it has advertised the position but has not been able to fill it.


“Now it says it will ask a GP from Ballyconnell to provide a three-day service to the people of Swanlinbar.


“The people of Swanlinbar are not happy with this solution and I wouldn’t blame them.


“They want and deserve a five-day service in Swanlinbar.


“They believe there is a possibility that the locum will take on that contract.


“They have asked the HSE for a meeting to discuss that possibility or other possibilities for having a GP service in Swanlinbar itself.


“They are looking to engage with the HSE to look at possible solutions.


“The Minister needs to ensure that the HSE engage with the local community on this issue, take on board their concerns and investigate the possible solution they have put forward.


“In the Ministers response she said she would ask the HSE in the area to examine it. I trust that this will happen soon but if not I will keep highlighting it with the government at every opportunity.”


Swanlinbar GP Service - Pauline Tully

Swanlinbar GP Service


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