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Government must do more to cut food costs for Cavan-Monaghan shoppers – Pauline Tully TD.
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Cut Food Costs

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Cut Food Costs

Sinn Féin TD for Cavan-Monaghan Pauline Tully has said that the reduction in the price of food items by Tesco shows that more could always have been done by supermarkets to help customers in the face of price hikes.

She has criticised the government for failing to tackle the rising cost of living and urged them to act so that hard-pressed people in Cavan-Monaghan get a break.

Teachta Tully said: Cut Food Costs - Pauline Tully

“The cost of living is out of control and people in Cavan-Monaghan are stretched beyond their limits. Food costs are sky high and ordinary workers and families are struggling to afford their shopping.

“The reduction in the price of food items by Tesco shows there has always been scope for supermarkets to reduce the cost of items. Let’s be clear, these reductions are happening because of public pressure not due to the government who have failed to act.

“Experts including the European Central Bank highlighted that corporate profiteering was contributing to price rises as firms used inflation as an excuse to increase profit margins. We need transparency on this urgently.

“Solutions must ensure the recovery of unfair profits, in order to cut food prices. Consumers need to see food prices go down at the tills, so that their bill is reduced to affordable levels.

“Meanwhile, the government should work with supermarkets to ensure substantial price cuts on everyday essential items. This has been done elsewhere in Europe and can be done here too.

“When passing on these savings, supermarkets, large producers, and large food corporations should in no way try to squeeze primary producers and family farmers, who are also under significant pressure.

“The slowness of government to act on food prices is shown in other areas; including energy costs, housing costs and mortgage increases. We need to see meaningful action to bring costs down for workers and families across the board. The cost-of-living crisis is hitting people from all sides and government must ensure workers and families in [county] get a much-needed break from spiraling costs.”


Cut Food Costs - Pauline Tully

Cut Food Costs


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